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There’s a huge amount of opportunity for business growth thanks to the explosion in channels and touchpoints across recent years, but you can blow it in an instant with poor digital strategy. If it’s too difficult to engage with your brand, then there are always competitors out there with the potential to offer customers easier access to their services. At Team ITG, we consolidate our clients’ diverse supply chains into streamlined user-centric journeys, enabling a more direct, transparent relationship with their customers.

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Your backend systems may be complex, but your digital experience should be easy. We’ve empowered our clients to move beyond digital transformation by delivering continuous innovation, building websites, platforms and engineering digital solutions through deep integrations. Ours is a fully connected approach with a single front door for digital marketing, digital engineering, CRM and data, so you get our consistency and quality across the board.

Award-winning platforms

Jaguar Land Rover is a global brand with a huge reputation to uphold, and we build and manage world-class, multi-language websites, as well as an industry-leading vehicle Configurator, across their 65 markets worldwide. We’ve reduced costs while delivering a truly immersive web experience that’s continually enhanced by our sprint teams, robust and scalable to traffic levels around major launches. The Configurator allows customers to configure, save and manage both vehicle and finance options on any device, supported by rich, engaging 3D imagery – in fact, it’s become a key driver of lead generation for the brand.

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Want Gartner award-winning marketing technology?

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