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Is a clunky and overly complex user experience putting off your potential customers? At Team ITG, we create and manage beautiful websites, apps and other digital platforms for global brands like Jaguar Land Rover, Ishida and Massey Ferguson. We put ease of navigation at the centre of the user experience and guide your audience to action – whether that’s increasing clicks and online sales or boosting footfall to your stores.

Truly multichannel

The explosion of channels over the past two decades has changed the game forever. Brands now need to connect with their audience across all of these channels and every available device, prioritising accessibility at every stage of the customer journey. Our dedicated UX teams will deliver a joined-up experience across all of your digital platforms – a connected and consistent journey that always feels distinctive to your brand.

Award-winning platforms

It’s not just websites and apps. Take Jaguar Land Rover’s award-winning Configurator – designed, built and managed by Team ITG, it’s now a central aspect of the brand’s online offering. Putting users in control of their experience, it allows them to configure, save and manage their vehicle and finance options on any device, supported by rich video and imagery. In fact, we manage JLR’s entire digital presence across 65 markets worldwide.

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Want Gartner award-winning marketing technology?

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