Bringing your data to life with powerful visualisation technology, this analytics dashboard gives you real-time reporting across all channels.

With full campaign visibility, you can benefit from unique insights that plot a path to enhanced marketing performance and increased sales.

With CanopyAnalytics harvesting data from all CanopyCloud activity and any secure third-party source, it provides your teams with deep insights that are then fed back into CanopyPlanner, allowing them to make agile, informed decisions.

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Why choose CanopyAnalytics?

• Analyse activity at any scale – from individual execution to global overview

• Pulls in data from any source, including 150+ enterprise platforms, cloud-based apps and data warehouses

• Creates a single, real-time view of all data sources to clearly present a summary of your performance across every channel

• Slick UI interface allows you to view results via dynamic charts and create bespoke portals and dashboards

• Helps you get the most out of CanopyCloud by reporting on asset usage and expiry, workflow activity and more

• Reporting can be configured to client-specific KPIs and SLAs

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CanopyCloud is totally unique, the core of our marketing.”

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