Complete brand compliance. That’s what is crucial when you operate in multiple markets and across every channel.

With CanopyBrand, all of your agencies and content creators have instant access to your very latest brand guidelines and assets. No matter how many stakeholders there are working on a campaign, with CanopyBrand, you can rest easy knowing they’re all singing from the same songsheet.

With all your brand assets and guidelines in one intuitive, easily searchable location, 100% brand compliance is guaranteed.

On Brand New

Why choose CanopyBrand?

• All brand essentials in one place

• Cloud-based interactive brand guidelines

• Evolve campaign guidelines with every campaign – so they’re always up to date

• Easily search for brand elements and guidance

• CMS-based landing pages let you easily update the look and structure to suit your requirements

• Accessible globally, with different permission levels

• Internal stakeholders, agencies and partners always have access to latest brand guidelines and assets

• Fully branded UI

• Seamlessly integrates with CanopyDAM, so users can access all approved artwork elements and assets


CanopyCloud keeps us 100% on brand. It’s been liberating.”

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