The full power of creative automation is finally here! CanopyCreate gives global brands the ability to produce rich, localised and personalised content, animation and videos at scale in a matter of seconds – ending the reliance on networks of creative studios.

The new face of creative production, this industry-leading technology enables you to create visually stunning content (in any size or format) from dynamic templates – a giant step forward in a previously complicated, slow and expensive process.

Marketers can use CanopyCreate to effortlessly create and deploy customised content across global channels and markets in seconds… creating powerful conversations with their customers anywhere in the world.

Why choose CanopyCreate?

• Create thousands of unique assets from a single spreadsheet, including super-rich videos, with transcreated multi-language content and multiple aspect ratios across numerous channels

• Real-time editor interface provides you with pixel-perfect previews of print, HTML, video and screen content

• Supports all languages and character sets – including RTL (Arabic/Hebrew) and double-byte characters

• Fully integrates with CanopyDAM, enabling you to easily resize, reformat and upload assets

• Bespoke and configurable controls to ensure users can only edit the specific fields that you decide

• Drive template content using managed data for specific product information, promotional offers and more

• Able to provide 3D visualisation for complex assets (including structural POS) and manage pre-set colour requirements for press (including ISO newsprint/magazine colour profiles)

• Produces RGB website assets in various sizes to match different hosting requirements

• Incredibly efficient resizing and compression functionality, eliminating rich media costs


“CanopyCreate has been transformational.”

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