CanopyDAM is the most advanced digital asset management product on the market, storing and organising all of your multichannel assets in one convenient, secure place.

Upload assets in seconds via the easy drag-and-drop functionality, and quickly find the files you need using the system’s highly intuitive search engine.

And in just a few clicks, CanopyDAM’s powerful transcoding functionality converts downloaded assets into any format.

All of this makes it easier than ever for you to obtain and deploy multichannel assets, while keeping both hands on the steering wheel of your brand.


Why choose CanopyDAM?

• Totally configurable to your brand identity, providing a rich user experience

• High-resolution storage for all file types

• Upload up to 10GB of files through easy drag-and-drop functionality

• Download any asset in seconds using cutting-edge streaming and compressing technology

• Highly intuitive search experience, with dynamic previews available for all assets

• Reinforce brand control by managing access to master assets and derivatives through user-specific controls

• In-built reporting dashboard providing detailed audit trails and usage analysis

• Powerful transcoding engine allows you to convert files into any format and create multiple derivatives

• Works seamlessly with CanopyCreate, the world-leading content automation engine

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“Beautifully intuitive, it’s the way we store and share everything.”

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