CanopyDeploy is rewriting the rules of CRM.

Users are empowered to self-serve global omnichannel campaigns, tailored to the behaviour and preferences of each individual customer.

Easily build campaigns and create fully connected customer experiences across channels on this single-view CRM platform, which includes a simple drag-and-drop functionality, uses instantaneous segmentation and can integrate with any secure data source.

Gain the invaluable insights you need to continuously improve the way you talk to your customers, as the real-time reporting dashboard monitors the effectiveness of each campaign.

Why choose CanopyDeploy?

• Seamlessly coordinates omnichannel customer journeys for email, SMS, landing page, social, WhatsApp and more

• With drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily build complex omnichannel customer journeys

• Create highly personalised content using detailed customer segments that you can create directly within the platform

• In-built connector app store enables you to add extensive functionality on-the-fly and without technical support

• Watertight pre-flight testing capability for all customer programmes

• Real-time reporting dashboards let you monitor campaign success and push content at the right time and through the right channel

• Seamlessly integrates with external platforms and social channels

• Fully configurable API connectors and plug-and-play solutions for data capture

• First tool in Europe to achieve full integration with Google’s dynamic and interactive AMP email platform

• Incredibly cost efficient compared to other platforms and can be implemented in days rather than weeks


“Super clever. CanopyDeploy has increased our engagement with millions of customers.”

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