Empower your stores and venues to become self-sufficient in all POS and marketing materials with CanopyStores.

Deliver huge time and cost savings by giving local managers access to all approved assets and the ability to customise them using on-brand rules that you define, before printing them themselves in store.

And for those bigger items, they simply order from stock or print-on-demand with agreed price matrices, budget management and approvals loops built in.

As well as holding approved social media posts and imagery for venues, CanopyStores connects your central team to local colleagues, making it easy to provide updates and suggest new activity.


Why choose CanopyStores?

• Stores and venues can easily order print assets from stock or print-on-demand

• Effortlessly handles requests for any type of POS

• Easily adapt POS items to any format and tailor messaging for specific customers

• Guarantees everything produced is on-brand

• Links directly to print supplier for ordering and fulfilment

• Full approvals for costed items

• Print in-store for massive cost and time savings

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"CanopyCloud is breaking the rules – transcreation has been automated.”

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