Our people are the heart of everything we do. A culture of passion and positivity permeates every aspect of our business, allowing us to combine clever tech with outstanding customer service. We encourage all of our employees to think outside of the box and challenge convention, and every member of teamitg takes pride in providing our clients with an unapologetically obsessional service. It’s this that stands us apart from our competitors, and keeps our client relationships strong.

We thrive on challenge. And revel in adventure. We own what we do and do what we say to make a difference together. We deliver results by spending our time where it makes the most impact. We're on it.

We’re not robots. We have personalities. Some big, some small, but all unique. We make things happen and always look out for each other. We openly share our ideas, experience and feelings. We question endlessly and listen intently. We’re respectful, kind and humble. Be human ; )

We’re here to help There’s no room for glory hunters, office politics or big egos at Team ITG. We say it like it is, in the simplest way possible. Which means no marketing jargon or mumbo jumbo. Instead we ask for (and give) honest, helpful feedback. Cut the cr@p.

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