CanopyDeploy vs. ActiveCampaign

End-to-end Customer Journeys

Create omnichannel marketing campaigns and improve ROI without the fuss. CanopyDeploy is the innovative and user-friendly platform you need to quickly set up sophisticated, automated campaigns that are both personal and data-driven across a variety of channels.

ActiveCampaign, with Head Offices in Chicago, Dublin and Sydney have around 70,000 customers. This 70,000 is predominantly made up of smaller organisations and for these companies, ActiveCampaign is a great marketing automation solution.

While both are powerful marketing automation platforms, CanopyDeploy’s automations are particularly suited to an end-to-end customer journey, while ActiveCampaign’s inbuilt CRM allows for better sales and marketing automation for businesses that have complex sales processes.

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The CanopyDeploy Platform

The ActiveCampaign Platform

“You have the flexibility to make just about anything you can imagine. CanopyDeploy is like a LEGO set for marketing automation: the only limit is your own creativity.”


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