CanopyDeploy vs. Klayvio

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Create omnichannel marketing campaigns and improve ROI without the fuss. CanopyDeploy is the innovative and user-friendly platform you need to quickly set up sophisticated, automated campaigns that are both personal and data-driven across a variety of channels.

With headquarters in Boston, Klayvio is a platform built to deploy automated messages via Email, SMS and Social Media. Klayviohelps with customer acquisition, conversion and retention, driving revenue through email and social marketing.

Klayvio specialises in eCommerce, therefore similarly to CanopyDeploy, integrates with some of the biggest names in the eCommerce industry, such as Shopify, Magento and Facebook Lead Ads. Their simple and easy-to-use software is a big player within email marketing, their support and service to businesses and companies looking to scale up in a more sophisticated way can prove under par when compared to other marketing automation providers.

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The Klayvio Platform

“You have the flexibility to make just about anything you can imagine. CanopyDeploy is like a LEGO set for marketing automation: the only limit is your own creativity.”


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