Strength in partnership

We have a growing number of marketing, tech and resell partners, using CanopyDeploy every day to create beautiful, engaging and highly personalised campaigns for their customers.

Our partners have different needs to our direct customers, which is why we developed an attractive partner programme. We work closely to help you get the most out of the platform, listen to your feedback to continually build and develop CanopyDeploy's capability. We go the extra mile to ensure you stay ahead of the needs of your clients and marketing teams around the world.

Exceptional service

As a partner, you want to get the most out of CanopyDeploy to bring the maximum benefits to your customers. As your central point of contact, your Partner Manager makes that happen, keeping you informed on the latest developments. On our Partner Portal, you can find all the information you need about technique as well as commerce. We adhere to six core values; Building a Durable Relationship, Active Sharing of Knowledge, Transparency, Clear Agreements, Quick Service and Growing Together.

Partner sessions

Your input is vital for the continued development of CanopyDeploy and our partner programme. During partner sessions and round tables, we’ll discuss the latest CanopyDeploy and teamitg updates. We'll continue to improve our service to cater for what’s most important to you; meeting the needs of your clients.

“Anything is possible with CanopyDeploy. With other systems you often run into limitations, but teamitg are constantly innovating and developing new features. It’s user friendly and enables us to build beautiful campaigns.”


Types of partnership

Resell partners

A resell partner has access to their own CanopyDeploy portal from which they serve their customers, either on a project or licence basis.

Marketing partners

Marketing partners don’t have access to their own CanopyDeploy portal, but work as email experts in the CanopyDeploy portals of their customers.

Tech partners

Each of our tech partners have developed incredible, easy-to-use applications that integrate with CanopyDeploy. And vice versa! All of CanopyDeploy's numerous integrations can be found in the Deploy Store.

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