Start marketing like a human, not a machine. CanopyData provides a platform for brands to collect, enrich, and manage their data and client profiles. Giving marketers the ability to interact with customers and prospects in a more personable and relevant way.

Connect your customer to your brand using ground-breaking technology and set a new standard of marketing. Our unique blend of technology and services gives organisations a decisive edge.

Using sophisticated algorithms, create and execute highly effective personalised campaigns from start to finish. Unlock and accelerate your ROI by engaging customers across the entire customer journey.

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Why Choose CanopyData?

• Create and manage A 360-degree customer profile view so you can start selling to your customers like you really know them.

• In a fast-paced world, consumers demand an immediate reaction. With CanopyData, respond to customers in their moment of need.

• Be truly omnichannel but ensuring the customer experience is consistent at every point of contact. Deliver a personalised experience across all digital touchpoints

• Once integrated with CanopyDeploy, you’ll experience world-class data capabilities weaved into your automated communications.

• With an incredibly user-friendly interface, your customer's journeys and results are available in minutes, not hours.

• Connect CanopyData to a variety of channels to give you a complete view of all the important customer touchpoints.

• Free yourself from manual tasks. Communicate relevant and impactful customer experiences in a fully automated way.

• Benefit from complex audience segmentation and channel synchronisation to target the right person with the right message at the right time.

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"The strong functionalities of the data model and the versatility of the email templates have made our processes much more efficient, allowing us to communicate much faster and more flexibly with our customers."

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