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The 'plug-and-play' nature of CanopyDeploy means that everything you need to produce stunning, highly personalised marketing campaigns is already pre-loaded into the system. Alongside an extensive range of additional modules and a super-intuitive user interface, mastering these powerful tools is easy. Connect to everything and everyone.

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Core functionality


Discover the four new AI features of CanopyDeploy, enabling you to make better, more informed decisions. Tailor campaigns to specific customer groups through Engagement Scoring, and use suggestions from the Profile Advisor to deliver greater results. Create an instant impact with the Subject Line Optimiser, and streamline your content with the Campaign Advisor for a seamless flow.


Monitor campaigns in real-time through CanopyDeploy, enabling you to action changes and customise your content in order to deliver optimal results. Do it all on a dashboard that's set up exactly how you want it, customising your view with widgets to give a comprehensive, visual representation of the effectiveness of your campaign.

“The interactive elements in our new email template give us the ability to show much more content. We can see the email is getting significantly higher interactions.”

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Take advantage of a range of optional functions available to you with CanopyDeploy, in addition to the high degree of core functionality that comes pre-loaded into the platform. From App Push and SMS notifications to Facebook Lead Ads and High-Speed Delivery, there is a huge capacity to expand and tailor the system to fit your requirements, while reducing costs by paying only for the functionality that you need.

Discover our modules

Find out how you can customise CanopyDeploy to meet your needs.

Available modules

Activity Export

Feed external systems with information found in emails and generate two files; a broadcast file with information about the sending of emails, and an activity file showing all activities from customers.

Archiving Emails

Send a literal copy of an email to an SFTP location.


Add EAN13 or code128 barcodes to your email and check in your POS system which customers have cashed the action.

CanopyDeploy Email Gateway

Ensures all emails are properly delivered and offers insights into the statistics of these emails.

Code List

CSV lists with codes can be imported into this module for the web shop, and the codes can be handed out to customers with the record of each customer stored in CanopyDeploy.

Copy Content

Based on a template from one brand, transfer your campaign or email content to other brands.

Copy Data Model

Transfer your data model from one brand to another brand.

Countdown Timer in Email

Increase CTO, conversion and turnover by showing a countdown timer in your email to stimulate customer response.

CSV Trigger

Follow up on selections made based on external data from a DMP, CRM or CMS with a CanopyDeploy campaign.

Customer Activity

Record the last date of customer activity to reactivate inactive customers or identify the active ones.

Datamodel Campaign Objects

Set up automated and personalised campaigns based on stored data within CanopyDeploy.

Personalised PDF File

Generate a personalised PDF file based on CanopyDeploy content and attach it to an email.

PDF Attachment

Add PDF attachments to your email campaigns.

Public Image FTP

Host images, CSS files or other files that you need in public and use images on the FTP in emails and templates. teamitg has its own FTP for seamless integration with CanopyDeploy.

Push Notifications

Reach customers that have downloaded your app via a push message, recording real-time app behaviour that feeds back into CanopyDeploy.

RSS Feed Import

Retrieve real-time external data for daily offers or for the latest news on a specific subject.

SFTP Location

Securely store files in CanopyDeploy’s own SFTP location, which can then automatically be linked to campaigns and communications.

Smart Run

Send different emails to a small batch and, after a predetermined period of time, CanopyDeploy checks which has scored the best. This is then sent to the rest of the addresses.

Text Messages Inbound & Outbound

With outbound, you can send messages that don’t require a response, such as reminders, while inbound text messages initiate interactions, with the data stored in CanopyDeploy.

Web Hook Receiver

Create your own endpoints and API structure and send real-time data to CanopyDeploy.

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