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Make CanopyDeploy work for your business as you tailor the platform to your specific requirements. Designed to drive marketing for small businesses as well as deliver campaigns for global brands, CanopyDeploy is completely scalable to your current and future marketing needs. This 'plug-and-play' platform is built to easily integrate without the need for any technical support.

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CanopyDeploy can be integrated with any external platform, consolidating your tech ecosystems and giving you a comprehensive 360° customer view. By intelligently interpreting this data, complex segmentations become simple, so you know the right message is reaching the right person, at exactly the right time. Choose from an extensive list of standard integrations, or ask our experts for a range of customisable options.

"CanopyDeploy provides me with an amazing amount freedom to send data to and from different systems, which allows me to use this data in my emails, landing pages and/or other channels in real-time. Because of this, we can offer our clients messages that could not be any more relevant!"

Centraalbeheer Wit

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Find out how we can integrate with your current platform.

CRM/CDP integrations

Aspos Grey

Integrate ASPOS with CanopyDeploy to synchronise customer data in real-time.


Email Verification: Validate customer records in real-time with easy use across all online campaigns.

Celebrus Grey

Capture a complete image of customer behaviour and translate this into dynamic, real-time customer profiles.

Facebook Audience Grey

Approach your customer from CanopyDeploy via Facebook.

Facebook Lead Ads Grey

Generate leads through Facebook that are immediately visible in CanopyDeploy.

Freshrelevance Grey

Use highly relevant information, offers and promotions based on real-time data and interactions to maximise the return on your emails.

Hubspot Grey

Synchronise your CRM system with CanopyDeploy to ensure any changes take effect immediately and automatically.

Invenna Grey

Connect all data sources for a full 360° customer view.

Messagebird Grey

Easily organise your text message marketing, both inbound and outbound.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Grey

Fully personalise and segment your marketing automation for tailored customer journeys.

Nominow Grey

Use customer data intelligently to ensure they’re sent relevant offers at the right time.

Pega Grey

Engage your customers with real-time 1:1 marketing through email.


Collect customer data from all sources to create detailed profiles and send the information directly to CanopyDeploy.

Salesforce Grey

Combine the data you collect in Salesforce with CanopyDeploy’s powerful, unique meta-tagging.

Sugarcrm Grey

Automatically synchronise your data for easy, personalised marketing campaigns.

Superoffice Grey

Align your data in SuperOffice and CanopyDeploy to make instant, automatic changes that are reflected in each.

DMP integrations

Datafeedwatch Grey

Download updated product data every day and upload to a shopping channel within minutes.

Datatrics Grey

Apply predictive marketing with self-learning algorithms that optimise the efficiency of your customer communications.

Relay42 Grey

Build AI-driven customer journeys with real-time connectivity across all systems and touchpoints.

Shopping Minds Grey

Use data to identify visitor profiles during each session, on any device at any time.

Squeezely Grey

Combine data to reach your existing customers and discover new ones.

Tealium Grey

Implement, manage and maintain tags with an easy-to-use web interface, while bringing together data from different sources in one central location.

e-Commerce integrations

Amadeus Grey

Synchronise real-time property availability while automatically sending confirmation emails, invoices, pre-arrival mails and welcome home mails.

Buckaroo Grey

Easily process payments for your form or page in CanopyDeploy.

Channable Grey

Offer products on comparison sites, affiliate platforms and marketplaces, adding and optimising data while selecting and filtering products for each channel.

Close Alert Grey

Collect real-time feedback to increase the relevance of your communications and increase conversions.

Ideal Grey

Process your iDEAL payments in a CanopyDeploy form or page.

Insided Grey

With a campaign object in CanopyDeploy, retrieve email address leads from Insided.

Magento Grey

Send personalised emails based on customer activity, such as purchases, credit balance or an abandoned shopping basket.

Mews Grey

Automate office administrative tasks, such as delivering confirmation emails, invoices, cross and upsell emails, pre-arrival and welcome home mails.

Shopify Grey

Reach your customers with the right content, on the right channel, at the right time.

Stratecu Grey

Make the data in the reservation system available to CanopyDeploy to send fully segmented, personalised campaigns that you only need to set up once.

Tommy Booking Support Grey

Upload customers and bookings to CanopyDeploy to send segmented emails based on this data.

Trustpilot Grey

Integrate your Trustpilot account with CanopyDeploy to automatically send review invitations to your customers.

Typeform Grey

Send customer data harvested through interactive forms and surveys to CanopyDeploy to begin follow-up campaigns and generate leads.

Other integrations

Bitly Grey

Shorten your URLs to save on characters and tidy up your communications, particularly across channels such as text messages.

Flexservice Grey

Process hours worked by integrating CanopyDeploy with FlexService.

Olery Grey

Create customer-specific URLs to encourage your users to leave feedback.

RDW Copy

Synchronise mobility data, such as vehicle and parking data or the MOT date, and automate emails based on that information.

Sitecore Copy

Drive greater conversions and better results by utilising Sitecore’s customer data to personalise emails and send more relevant content.

Weer Grey

Display specific, local weather forecasts in your communications by integrating Weer.nl with CanopyDeploy.

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