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CanopyDeploy’s transactional emails are the safe and completely reliable way to reach your customers’ inboxes with everything from service emails, to order confirmations, vouchers and digital tickets. You’ll be able to send highly personalised communications that always reach your target group in a matter of seconds.

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All in one place

There’s no need for separate platforms to handle your transactional and commercial emails. CanopyDeploy takes care of everything, sending out personalised messaging that’s beautifully designed and consistent with your brand, while enriching your profiles with data that offers you a 360° customer view.

Count on Deploy

Take the stress out of your messages and benefit from CanopyDeploy's 'warmed-up' IP addresses, each of which have extremely high deliverability among internet service providers. And send what you need to, when you want to – CanopyDeploy is optimised for high volumes, so your communications always reach their destination.

Transactional Emails Simplicity

Simplicity and stability

With smart, responsive templates that can be fully personalised, certified data and continuous monitoring of deliverability; sending transactional emails via CanopyDeploy is quick and easy. And for complete peace of mind, domains are verified through DKIM and your data can be added securely via an API or SMTP connection.

Everything you need

You name it, CanopyDeploy sends it. Entrance tickets, boarding passes, reservation updates, medical messages, online orders, order updates, insurance policies, renewal proposals, new subscriptions, financial and legal information, participant campaign flow – phew! It’s all possible from within CanopyDeploy, with guaranteed delivery that’s fully certified and keeps your customers firmly in the know.

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