Our experience is your insight

We separate fact from fiction, by working directly with clients to understand business problems and identify opportunities. We ask tough questions, challenge existing conventions and delve into customer truths and insights. And then we shape intelligent and tactical strategies that deliver impactful customer experiences.


Reap the rewards

Email marketing management

From the outset, we set out clear, achievable targets to be hit, helping to sharpen the focus of your campaign. We ensure that you and your team have a clear vision of your goals, key performance indicators and commercial alignment, making it easier to track your progress.

Optimising the basics

Within our subscriber lifestyle workshop, we take you through the four integral pillars that characterise any engaging customer email marketing strategy; Acquisition, Onboarding, Engagement and Retention. We turn prospects into loyal, happy customers.

Campaign Planning


Understanding your data is the key to knowing exactly what drives your revenue. Our specialists give you an in-depth look, using RFM analysis to help you pinpoint the highest returns and tell-tale signs of a successful campaign, shaping your future projects.

“Thanks to the strategic sessions with Team ITG, we now have a clear roadmap with targeted actions, which will take our email marketing to a far higher level.”

Nedis White New


Get to know your subscribers in order to keep them fully engaged. We find out who your prospects are, what they want, and what their future interests will be, enabling you to tailor your campaigns accordingly through CanopyDeploy. We boost your relevance and ultimately your ROI.

Email marketing scan

Our six-step deep dive into your email marketing will take your campaigns to the next level. We get to know your strategy inside out, identifying where there are opportunities for improvement and streamlining your output. Then we plan milestone goals that the whole team can work towards.

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