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Our multichannel experts create engaging brand experiences that put the customer front and centre. We believe that extensive, reliable data is the foundation of great marketing campaigns, allowing you to tailor content to your customers’ preferences and make the changes needed to drive excellent results.

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Enriching profiles

Here’s what we believe; it’s easier to sell to someone you know, than to someone you don’t. By discovering what your customers’ preferences are, you are able to anticipate their actions. And by delving into the data of your target group and enriching their profiles, it becomes far easier to sell to them.

Data in real-time

One of the key components of data-driven strategy is the ability to collect new data, which in turn creates more opportunities to optimise your campaigns. A rich foundation of data is the powerhouse behind successful innovation, and our expert teams will help you to understand the complexities of data analysis.

Feedback & advisories

Make sure you’re sending the right message to the right person. Unsure whether the data in your profiles are up-to-date and correct? Team ITG can analyse all of these for you, giving you peace of mind that your communications are hitting home.

"The incredible power of the datamodel combined with multifunctional email templates has massively improved our efficiency, in turn allowing us to communicate with customers much faster."

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Getting your message across


There’s little point in crafting campaigns without seeing the results. We custom-build analytics dashboards for our clients, giving them clear and comprehensive visibility of their marketing so that they know exactly in which areas their campaigns proved successful, and where there is room to improve.

Serious security

We’re serious about your security. We’re an ISO 27001-certified business, and all data is stored on Amazon’s Frankfurt premises and remains within Europe.

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