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We’re a team made up of expert marketers, who are all ready to pass on their wealth of knowledge to you. Learn how to create incredible campaigns through our CanopyDeploy platform, and instantly put your new-found skills into practice.

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From zero to hero

Basic Training (1)

Basic training

This two-day course touches on all of CanopyDeploy’s standard functionality and how to maximise the system’s enormous marketing potential. From crafting emails with drag-and-drop templates, to building campaigns that incorporate landing pages and forms, you’ll cover it all.

The specifics

Want to push your CanopyDeploy knowledge even further? Select the module you’d like a firmer grasp on, and in just three hours we’ll bring you completely up to speed, enabling you to use the platform even more efficiently and effectively.


For those who’ve mastered almost all of CanopyDeploy’s features but need to brush up on one or two particular areas, we offer Advanced Campaign Training. Whatever you require a little more knowledge on, simply let us know and we’ll put together a session for you and up to five colleagues.

"Our international CCV team enjoyed a tailor-made training session with teamitg’s experts, and are now easily able to create emails using CanopyDeploy’s intelligent templates and drag-and-drop interface."



Whether you need a quick refresher or in-depth training, simply contact us and we’ll design a session just for you. And don’t worry about travel time – our experts are happy to host at your location or online.


Delve deeper into CanopyDeploy's capabilities as we put together a bespoke training session tailored to your exact requirements. Whatever you need to know, we'll make sure it's covered, enabling you to drive even greater results through your marketing automation.

Additional Support

Additional support

Our global support desk is available to you throughout the week, on hand to answer all of your questions and resolve any issues that you may be experiencing. You'll also have access to around 1,000 expert marketers from across the globe, all working with you to deliver on your marketing ambitions.

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