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31 August 2021 by Team ITG

World-class Marketing Automation platform CanopyDeploy has expanded its portfolio of channels to include WhatsApp Business. With this new means of communication, you can now connect with your customers via the #1 messaging app in the world.

If you’re struggling to make unique, one-to-one connections with your customers start providing them with a truly exceptional experience on the platform they love the most. Trust us, you’ll love it too!

With around 2 billion users around the globe, an integration between CanopyDeploy and WhatsApp Business can connect your customers to their clients via the number 1 global messaging platform. But what is WhatsApp Business? What campaigns is it used for and is it GDPR compliant? Let’s explore this new channel and get you some answers to those questions.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business allows you to communicate with other WhatsApp users using the mobile’s internet connection. It offers a unique solution that can help you connect with your customers by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

Many businesses have implemented Email, SMS and Mobile Marketing into their omnichannel marketing strategy. 5 million of those are also actively using WhatsApp Business to communicate with their database.

According to WhatsApp usage data published by eMarketer in 2019, WhatsApp market penetration is highest in the Netherlands at 85.6%, followed by Italy (85.3%) and Spain (84.3%). It’s time to start thinking about how it can benefit your organisation.

WhatsApp Business Campaigns

From the Retail industry to IT, every organisation would benefit from using WhatsApp Business as an additional customer touchpoint. Below are a few starting campaigns you can bake into your omnichannel marketing strategy:

Delivery Update
Automate messages sharing links to courier updates by setting triggers in CanopyDeploy campaigns. You can also use triggers in campaigns to send confirmation messages, order confirmations and notifications.

Customer Support
Give the ultimate in customer service by supplying your customers with efficient two way conversations with your support teams. Get problems solved quickly and deliver fast customer support and follow-ups.

Instand Acknowledgement
Send instant acknowledgement responses to form submissions through automated WhatsApp messages and keep contacts updated and engaged.

WhatsApp Business is a great way of keeping clients informed from a service message point of view. It’s a sure-fire way to make sure your message is heard, loud and clear.

Is WhatsApp Business GDPR Approved?

We’re serious about security which is why one of WhatsApp Businesses top selling point for us was its end-to-end encryption, and their campaign to keep customer data private.

WhatsApp Business IS GDPR compliant, as long as you follow some simple steps and rules to protecting your customer information.

1. Implement an opt-in procedure

Like any other channel where you are contacting your database. WhatsApp requires its own opt-in. Users need to specify consent to receive messages from you via WhatsApp along with providing their mobile phone number. Here is what WhatsApp Business says on the matter in their own business policy:

"You may only contact people on WhatsApp if: (a) they have given you their mobile phone number; and (b) they have agreed to be contacted by you over WhatsApp. Do not confuse, deceive, defraud, mislead, spam, or surprise people with your communications."

2. Be Transparent

Be clear about what data you are collecting from your customer and what it’s intended purpose it. Every piece of information needs to be addressed including obvious information such as names and phone numbers. Make it clear on why you need this information.

While collecting the data, ensure all of these processes (the why’s & how’s) are documented correctly. This isn’t only applicable to WhatsApp processes, but for email and SMS too. The sort of information which should be noted down is:

  • Why do you need to collect data
  • What data you’re collecting
  • The names and positions of employees within your company who have access to the data
  • Details of any third parties that also have access to the data and which data
  • What your business is doing to protect the data collected
  • Your data-purging plan and process

3. Right to be Forgotten

Just like with email opt-in’s, WhatsApp messages must also contain a clear way to unsubscribe. This could be a link within the messages you send. This must be clearly communicated and actioned immediately.


With WhatsApp Businesses global reach and highly engaged audience, you can rest assured knowing you’re communicating via a platform your customers love. Start rethinking your strategy to include this effective channel today!

Need some assistance getting started with WhatsApp Business? Get in touch and one of our specialists will be happy to help.


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