Future-Proof Data in a Cookieless World

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25 August 2022 by Team ITG

In this whitepaper, we focus on zero-party data, the lesser-known brother of first-party data, as well as alternative but inventive ideas for collecting first-party and zero-party data. Once we know what we are collecting and why we are doing it, we can turn that data into an informed strategy. Another sigh of relief; we can indeed prepare for the cookieless world.

Future-Proof Data in a Cookieless World

Meet first-party data’s lesser known (but much more attractive) brother, zero-party data. 

In this whitepaper you’ll learn

  • What we predict for the future of data.
  • How gamification and account creation can save your marketing and advertising in a cookieless future.
  • How to take your tools and form them into an evergreen strategic roadmap.

Download the whitepaper here.

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