Team ITG's Top 5 Marketing Automation Platforms

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12 October 2021 by Team ITG

Are you looking for a new marketing automation provider? The possibilities may seem endless, so we've comprised an extensive review of the top 5 most popular marketing automation platforms.

Did you know, Email Monday found that 51% of businesses are using a Marketing Automation Platform?

With the demand for this cutting-edge technology, the market is flooded with different choices of software. Which marketing automation platform is the best?

With so many to choose from, it's hard to know which one suits your organisation's needs best. No two businesses are the same.

We've put in some of the hard work for you. Team ITG's agency works alongside many customers navigating a multitude of Marketing Automation and CRM platforms. So we've boiled it down to the top 5 most popular platforms. 

  • Selligent
  • CanopyDeploy
  • GetResponse
  • Omnisend
  • Salesforce Pardot

As we mentioned, our agency team works directly with our customers using multiple platforms. We've drawn on some of their personal experiences where possible.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the key points you should be researching when finding your diamond amongst the rocks.


The crucial first step. Analyse your budget. What are you willing to spend? Marketing Automation Platforms range from €30 per month to more than €10,000 per month. That's a big difference, and some businesses may not have the budget to go for all singing, all dancing, makes you tea in the morning kind of platform.

Our recommendation is to think about your end goal with this software. What do you want to achieve, and where will you be in the next three years? Does the platform allow for growth along with your business without becoming absurdly expensive? Keep a lookout for platforms that charge only for what you send, not the number of contacts within your database.

Channels & Product Development

If you're reading this article, we think it's safe to assume you dabble within the world of marketing. As you know, marketing best practices are forever changing with the wind. What's popular and thriving today could be the rotten egg of tomorrow.

It's essential to look for software that keeps up to date with current movements and trends and has the flexibility to move with it. What channels do they have available? Is this software future-proof?

For example, mobile apps have rapidly become a pillar of the omnichannel mix. A report from Forbes suggests that 40% of Gen Z shoppers look to mobile apps for inspiration on new products. Is your company prepared for a mobile-first world?

Customer Service

It doesn't matter if you're new to marketing automation or not. Navigating a new system can be tricky. Terminology can differ from product to product, and let's be honest – when was technology 100% reliable 100% of the time.

It's essential to look at consumer reviews on a platform such as G2. Get a feel for others' experience of your desired platforms and ensure you know you'll have someone to rely on if everything doesn't go exactly to plan. Using an agency like Team ITG, you get the perfect level of service exactly when you need it. From a quick free call to support or to have a Team ITG employee on-site and integrated into your team, we're always here when you need us.


Everyone's tech ecosystem looks different. Integrating your current landscape into a new platform is existential to its success and something often overlooked.

Many platforms have their own technical solutions, so, much like the number one selling smartphone (we're not pointing any fingers), you're coerced into buying all the extra's that come with it. This can prove costly. With a platform such as CanopyDeploy, you can switch on and off modules and integrations as you need them through the CanopyDeploy Store.  There are many platforms on the market with 1,000's of seamless, simple to use integrations.

Data Capabilities

Data and privacy laws are on the move. You want to ensure the platform you take on is built to deal with these rapid changes, has them in hand and provides a solution.

Managing the maze of your data can be tricky. 56% of marketing influencers found data management to be the most challenging technology to implement, says a report from FindStack. Data is the gold of our generation, and if handled correctly, it can accelerate your ROI and marketing efforts.

Ensure your investment in Marketing Automation is also one that comes with a data management solution.


Intricate Software

Price: $$

Selligent is a marketing automation platform based in Belgium and has offices spanning over Europe. They have around 1,000 customers using their platform and offer full marketing automation functionality across various channels. The pricing of Selligent sits within the mid-range products and has no specific industry or sector focus, offering solutions to both B2B and B2C clients.

Our experts who have previously worked with Selligent are complimentary of the platform itself; however, it requires more of a technology mind to work with it.

The channel options are extensive, and the native data platform is a big bonus. But if you're looking for an out-of-the-box product, we'd suggest leaning towards a less technical programme.


Easy to use

Price: $$

With over 20 years of email marketing and marketing automation experience, CanopyDeploy is a marketing automation platform within the CanopyCloud suite. CanopyDeploy sends on average over 3.9billion emails via its platform per year with an exceptionally high deliverability rate of 99.41%, compared to Selligent's average of 97.09%.  

Compared to the larger, more corporate organisations, CanopyDeploy comes in at a much lower pricing point while maintaining a sophisticated level of functionality. This consists of an omnichannel marketing automation focus, automating communications via email, mobile app marketing, SMS and Facebook, WhatsApp Business, RCS and more.

In addition to a sophisticated suite of channels, CanopyDeploy also has a native data platform. Giving you the 360-degree customer profile you've always wanted so you can communicate to your customers like you genuinely know them.

CanopyDeploy is a platform built in-house by Team ITG, made by marketers for marketers who believe the ease of use is paramount.

"My all-time favourite software for omnichannel marketing automation and orchestration"

Mark K. Centraal Beheer


Email Specialism

Price: $

GetResponse is one of the cheaper alternatives for organisations, starting at around $10 / month. And this does include some exciting functionality, including their autoresponders. However, like most platforms that come in at a lower price, there's always room to increase the functionality with further investment.

GetResponse works mainly with the email channel, and the marketing automation functionality is a more recent development, leaving them with more scope to add further channels in the future.

GetResponse is simple to work with and works well for more straightforward emailing tasks. However, working with the platform might become more difficult if you use sophisticated conditional logic and marketing automation.


E-commerce Focus 

Price: $

Omnisend is a relatively new marketing automation platform established in 2014, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming a prominent marketing automation tool for e-commerce businesses.

Omnisend is a good option for e-commerce businesses due to its integrations with the majority of e-commerce platforms. Allowing you to trigger automation based on shopping behaviours.

A significant drawback to the Omnisend platform is the drab and dreary interface, along with the limited access you get from a standard license. To see what the platform can do, you'll need to purchase a pro-license. If you're looking for a tool with fewer options in terms of channels but has strong expertise in the field of e-commerce, Omnisend is worth looking into.

Salesforce Pardot

Household Name 

Price: $$$

Pardot is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which has around 150,000 customers globally. Salesforce initially began as a CRM system and has since broadened its horizons to include Marketing Services and Omnichannel Marketing Automation, Pardot.

In terms of pricing, Salesforce sits in the highest-end tier, but this is reflected in Salesforce's functionality and options.

With so many possibilities with Pardot, the software can become cumbersome to implement and work with. So ensure you have an excellent resell partner who offers lots of assistance and training.

Making the right decision

There is most definitely plenty of fish in the sea when searching for a marketing automation provider. Our critical takeaway is not to make knee-jerk decisions. Research each company, read reviews and decide on the critical KPI's and goals of your specific business.

Think about the end-user, will the platform you choose become a blessing or a curse? Remember, marketing automation is built to free marketers to do what they do best, creative thinking.

Still not sure which solution is right for you? We have an army of around 1,000 marketing experts all over the globe; we'd be happy to have a chat with you and impart some of our wisdom. Get in touch here.
















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