Bring every arm of your marketing operation together with CanopyPlanner, an advanced management tool for coherent, collaborative and progressive ways of working.

Create optimal planning and operational processes across all of your channels and markets, configured and fine-tuned to your unique requirements.

With CanopyPlanner, tedious spreadsheets are a thing of the past, replaced by highly visual and interactive tools that allow you to manage spend, workflow and everything in-between.

And keep all of the information at your fingertips as CanopyAnalytics feeds in real-time performance data, helping you ensure that each campaign is better than the last.


Why choose CanopyPlanner?

• Totally configurable to your marketing operation

• Plans and tracks all your activity and spend

• Presents all channel-specific activity in a highly visual, easy-to-understand Gantt chart format

• Manages all marketing activity through slick drag-and-drop functionality and timeline visualisation

• Allows users to plan and approve workflows without fuss

• Able to filter by time period, channel or campaign

• Fully integrated to CanopyWorkflow – activities started in CanopyPlanner automatically flow into CanopyWorkflow

Renault White

CanopyCloud’s efficiency is truly game-changing.”

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