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Shoot on location, in every location,
all from our Virtual Production studios.

Shoot on location, in every location, all from our Virtual Production studios.

What is Virtual Production?

Whether you’re shooting in the office, the open road, the jungle or outer space, you can do it all from our state-of-the-art Virtual Production facility at Capture Studios. Reduce travel, cut carbon emissions, and take complete creative control of your shoots, from the seasons and weather to sound and lighting. Plus, you’ll have our expert team on hand every step of the way to drive your project forward.

Seeing really is believing… so come and check out our studios!

We’d love to show you just how powerful our Virtual Production studios are.

Fill in the form and let us know whether you’d like to book a free tour of Capture Studios in Birmingham, or arrange a 20-minute call with one of our experts to discuss the array of benefits it could bring to your business.

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Lawrence Christensen, Head of Marketing Brands

“Capture Studios gave us the ability to think more sustainably. We weren’t having to go on location shoots for spring/summer – we brought those locations into Capture.”

Shoot everything under one roof.

It’s not just Virtual Production at Capture Studios. Here you’ll also find XR, livestreaming, automated photography and film, bespoke set builds, development and lifestyle kitchens, an Infinity Cove, sound recording and more – essentially, every shoot happens here. Capture is part of Team ITG’s connected services, meaning you get complete campaign creation (from concept to strategy, creative, production and deployment) from one award-winning marketing agency.

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