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DFS, Whitbread and more shoot incredible film & photography in Capture Studios’ set-build space

May 30, 2024

Brands like DFS, Whitbread and Whittard are delivering outstanding content to their customers with the support of Capture Studios. Our Birmingham-based film and photography centre is home to Virtual Production facilities, our XR Cube, Infinity Cove, automated studios and more – including a dedicated space for set builds. It means these businesses get the exact environment they need for their shoot, and content that’s delivered with pace and efficiency.

Set builds

Amongst all the incredible technology that we’ve packed into our game-changing 30,000 sq ft facility in Birmingham, we still recognise the importance of traditional film and photography shoots. Capture Studios boasts a large bespoke set builds area in the heart of our content creation centre specifically for these shoots, with the flexibility and in-house expertise to deliver exactly what our clients and partners need with complete consistency and control.

We’ve shot everything from TV commercials to social media content, website photography and even livestreamed events from Capture Studios’ set build space – it’s a super-agile part of our wider offering.

Get to know our bespoke set builds space

8,500 sq ft – can fit 8 full-room sets

Access to our team of specialists to help create the perfect set whether it’s a living room, garden, farmhouse, or a betting shop — they can make it!

Comes with its own dedicated workshop and build space

Use of our storage facility

Packed prop shop to fill your sets with personality

4 make-up and dressing rooms for when you’re working with models, guaranteeing privacy when getting ready or applying mid-shoot touch ups

For DFS we delivered several different sets that could adapt and compliment various product ranges while maintaining a consistent, impactful tone. It enabled us to efficiently shoot large numbers of different products in a short space of time, without compromising on quality.

For Whitbread’s set design we aimed to harness the vibrant image of summer to highlight the brand’s refreshing new range of seasonal drinks. Through a combination of clever lighting and expert retouching, we gave the final images a light, breezy summer feel – perfect cocktail weather!

Our team transformed the separate elements of the set into a cohesive scene that complimented the charming aesthetic of Whittard’s Coronation collection. The indoor set ensured consistent lighting for the garden scene, which meant we got the best from the product in record time. And all while simultaneously running an automated photography shoot for the brand, taking full advantage of Capture Studios’ versatile capabilities!

Musician, singer, author (and more) – Myleene Klass chose Capture Studios to shoot an ad for her latest book, They Don’t Teach This at School. Our teams combined practical set builds with clever use of Virtual Production to transport Myleene from the jungle to outer space, applying CGI compositing and the crucial final colour grade in post-production to bring the physical and virtual environments together seamlessly.

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