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First-Klass content, multiple locations,
all shot in our Virtual Production studios.

First-Klass content, multiple locations, all shot in our Virtual Production studios.

Myleene Klass steps into the world of Virtual Production.

When Myleene Klass wanted to promote her brilliant new book, ‘They Don’t Teach This At School’, where better to shoot the ad than at Capture Studios? Myleene took full advantage of our Virtual Production capabilities to film in a range of different locations around the world (and out of it!), without ever having to leave our Birmingham-based facility. While this would have taken weeks to achieve on location, we delivered it all in just a two-day shoot!

Seeing really is believing… so come and check out our studios!

With Capture Studios’ Virtual Production, you can…

  • Shoot anywhere without the travel
  • Cut carbon emissions
  • Take full creative control of your shoot
  • Rely on our team of experts to guide you through

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Myleene Klass

“I had an amazing couple of days at Capture Studios – the team are incredible and shooting in all those locations so quickly just wouldn’t be possible without their technology”

All your shoots in one place.

Whatever the shoot, however big (or small), and whichever way you want to go about it, we’ve got the tech and teams to make it happen. Virtual Production, XR, livestreaming, automated photography and film, bespoke set builds, development and lifestyle kitchens, an Infinity Cove, sound recording and more – it’s all here at Capture Studios.

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