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Five million unique customers, five million unique conversations.

Multichannel personalisation

How do we deliver personalised comms to five million unique customers? Customers who all have their own unique combination of home phone, internet, cable TV and mobile services. It starts with understanding and interpreting customer data to work out how they want to engage, when and why.  And then tailoring the message, its urgency and the best deployment channel, depending on whether we’re prompting them to renew, upgrade or check out what the movie channels have in store this weekend.

Our intuitive technology, CanopyCloud, then delivers the right message to the right place at the right time – whether it’s an email, DM, text, app push, online or a call.

+ 10 %

monthly conversion rate

+ 50 %

increase in open rate

2.5 x

increase in ROI

12.5 %

action rate

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