A multichannel media campaign fit for royalty

Greene King Web Headers


11 February 2020 by Team ITG

ITG stepped up to the mark for Greene King Inns with a multichannel media campaign to promote its hotel room bookings, resulting in a huge revenue boost that went far beyond the brand’s forecast.

Greene King Inns had set itself a paid media target for the period 1st-12th January 2020 of increasing its website booking contribution as a percentage of overall business revenue.

To achieve this, Greene King provided Team ITG with a slashed-price sale offer to gain traction and momentum, and we then worked with the brand to ensure that we produced bespoke, compelling sales copy and multi-format digital assets to drive home a succinct and consistent message across its various channels.

Our teams worked around the clock to enable, measure and optimise January sales, helping us to quickly and efficiently deliver any changes that Greene King brought to the table. Meanwhile, we recommended the addition of a paid social revenue stream, which we then set-up, populated and launched within three days, making time to market as swift and frictionless as possible.

With our expertise ensuring that the right message reached the right customer at the right time, across channels and devices, Greene King experienced an ad clickthrough increase of 23%, and revenue was 163% higher than the initial forecast.

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