Canopy Cloud automates 90% of Dunelm's artwork

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05 February 2020 by Team ITG

Canopy Cloud has completely revolutionised Dunelm’s artwork creation process – 90% is now created through our automation technology.

Team ITG has partnered with Dunelm for over two years and now our automated multichannel creative production technology has completely liberated their teams, helping them to create completely adaptable in-store ticketing and POS in a click.

90% of the Dunelm’s artwork jobs are now run through Canopy Cloud, which generates assets in multiple formats in a matter of seconds. The significantly increased efficiencies have allowed Dunelm to completely restructure its studio, freeing its marketers to focus their energies on strategic and creative objectives rather than time-consuming admin.

For Dunelm’s Winter Sale 2019, over 2,000 lines of artwork were required. Throughout this period, just three lines went through manual processes; 99.9% of assets for this vital campaign were automated through Canopy Cloud, shaving an incredible 10 days off Dunelm’s Critical Path Analogy (CPA).

Team ITG also provides Dunelm with a comprehensive catalogue of over 150 templates, which are constantly updated to ensure in-store artwork is always fresh, engaging and completely on-brand.

“Canopy Cloud has completely transformed our daily processes. We have ready to use, on-brand assets in seconds. It’s so easy to use, making amends is quick and easy too. The system is fantastic!” – Mark Rix, Dunelm Head of In-store Experience.

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