Canopy Deploy becomes Europe’s first marketing automation platform to create Google AMP emails

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13 November 2019 by Team ITG

Canopy Deploy has become Europe’s first marketing automation platform to be able to create AMP emails.

So, what are AMP emails?

Google launched AMP (short for Accelerated Mobile Pages) last year with the purpose of improving email content performance.

AMP Email How Does This Look Like

AMP lets email marketers flex their creative muscle by transforming static emails into dynamic and highly interactive calls-to-action. Building these interactions in Canopy Deploy, which links seamlessly to any major data management platform, ensures the information you include is accurate and completely up to date.

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Engaging with your audience in this way will help transition customers from consideration to purchase, as well as increase brand sentiment by providing a more personalised customer experience.

This is just one of the many ways our technology is simplifying multichannel marketing. If you want to know more about how Canopy Deploy and our wider technology stack can support your business, get in touch today : )  

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