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23 June 2020 by Team ITG

Global brands are now able to connect one-to-one with their customers thanks to CanopyDeploy, one of the world-leading tools on the CanopyCloud platform.

CanopyDeploy helps users learn more about their customers and their unique preferences, so that they can be targeted with messages that truly resonate and provoke action.

With its user-friendly design, this cutting-edge self-serve platform allows non-technical marketers to create millions of highly personalised, interactive communications for customers around the world.

That’s fully joined-up, multichannel journeys, built using drag-and-drop functionality, which saves a huge amount of time when compared to outdated manual processes.

It’s incredibly flexible, able to integrate with other platforms or simply work as a standalone solution – and it’s so intuitive for even non-technical marketers to use, that there is no need for the extra cost of third-party resources or consultants.

Real-time reporting dashboards give you invaluable insights, instantly, allowing you to monitor campaign success and push the right content to the right channel at the right time.

It’s been enormously beneficial to brands like Virgin Media, who are able to reach over five million customers with personalised communications delivered straight to their favourite channel, resulting in a staggering 2.5x increase in ROI.

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