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26 November 2019 by Team ITG

Eye-catching visuals add value to marketing campaigns and create customer actions. That’s why Team ITG has invested significantly in our photography and videography services.

Our new automated photography studio is state-of-the-art. Using revolutionary new technology, Live and Eclipse, we create beautiful videos and stills in seconds. What once took three days to produce is now ready at the click of a button for immediate multichannel deployment.

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By using Live, the world’s first smart studio, you can shoot up to 2000 live model photos and 50 videos per day. Once ready, these can be published immediately on your website and social media accounts, or direct to your digital signage.

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Meanwhile, Eclipse allows you to capture crisp 3600 videos and stills of any product. Our game-changing machine records, edits and delivers ready-to-export files faster than ever before – guaranteeing speed, quality and consistency along the way.

Our studio is overseen by the experienced and extremely talented Manvir Rai, who has 30 years’ experience in the industry covering disciplines ranging from automotive and landscape to people and still life. As well as managing our in-house studio, Manvir can offer you a specialist photography service that is completely tailored to your exact requirements.   

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No job is too much for our passionate and talented team. We have travelled across the globe to bring our clients’ campaigns to life, recently travelling as far as Egypt and Nigeria to take campaign-specific shoots for our clients.

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