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12 September 2022 by Team ITG

Since being appointed as Co-op’s lead tier 2 agency in early 2019, we’ve transformed the brand’s CRM with our fully immersive approach.

Key amongst our roles for Co-op is the execution of campaigns through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, run by our dedicated team of Salesforce consultants and in-house developers.

This covers all core business units (Food, Funeral and Insurance), with our team immersed in each of the brands as well as their wider marketing operations, ensuring that we fully understand the needs of customers across each sector.

In the three years since we started working together, Co-op have reaped the benefits of our new approach with some fantastic results, including…

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In fact, our work on Co-op’s CRM saw us featured in Litmus’ prestigious ‘Best Live Emails 2021’ feature, thanks to our hyper-personalised customer communications and easy-to-use interactive features, which capitalised on the breadth of Salesforce’s functionality.

As well as driving Co-op’s CRM, we’re also proud to work alongside their tier 1 creative agency, Lucky Generals, activating ATL creative across every channel.

Over time our role has expanded significantly and we now support all of Co-op’s business functions, delivering everything from new product launches and campaign activations, to store fascia design, in-store POS, local marketing, events, videos and so much more!

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