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15 June 2020 by Team ITG

Technology that liberates marketers is crucial to our industry’s future, as we navigate around siloed departments and dispersed teams but still look to create joined-up, highly personalised campaigns that build brand equity and deliver ROI.

Over the last 10 years, martech has exploded, with 150 becoming 8,000 bespoke solutions according to’s Marketing Technology Landscape infographic, as brands wrestle with the complexity of today’s marketing opportunities.

Major leaps forward in engagement channels and customer experiences (highly relevant and hyper-personalised) have no-doubt increased opportunities for marketers. However, these have come with new challenges and an industry dominated by omnichannel communication has become overly complicated to manage.

For many, the climate we currently find ourselves in has expedited this complexity with lots of talk of digital transformation rapidly becoming the ‘new norm’ with marketers (and consumers) favouring digital communication, as high streets and sidewalks have temporarily emptied.

With working from home now a very real option, and currently the only option for many around the world, visibility of everything from briefs and assets to campaigns and analytics has been tested more than before. And collaboration, as always, is proving critical.

One thing that has always remained key, but again is being pushed to the limit, is speed to market. The right message, in the right place, at the right time sounds straightforward enough, but in the current situation, is proving beyond challenging for many marketers still neck-deep in manual processes.

The job of martech is to liberate these marketers. Now more than ever. Freeing them to do their job – driving brands forward, building relationships with existing customers and introducing new ones – not drowning in tedious administrative tasks.

Intelligent marketing technology is the answer. And it’s a surprisingly simple brief: an inclusive martech solution that can deliver an intuitive workflow, world-class automation and omnichannel deployment tools. Quite possibly the first marketing technology platform designed by marketers?

A new world where marketers can brief, create, approve and deploy to any channel at the click of a button on a genuine end-to-end marketing execution platform. A platform that intelligently learns from each campaign to help shape future campaigns and make them work harder.

A system that doesn’t just unite marketing teams, wherever they may be working, but that unites everyone in their marketing community – across their company, their agencies and their suppliers. All working to the same brief, and quite normally, many hundreds of briefs that all work together.

And all of this on one configurable and easy to on-board platform. Hello CanopyCloud.

Some of the world’s most recognisable brands from sectors including food and drink, retail and hospitality, technology, and automotive are ahead of the curve and already reaping the benefits of this intelligent technology:

  • Heineken uses CanopyCloud to ensure 100% brand compliance across 180 countries and 28 languages, replacing more than 10,000 approval emails.
  • Virgin Media is automating and deploying over 300 million personalised messages, delivering a 250% increase in return on investment last year.
  • Renault has achieved a 98% reduction in planning time across its network.
  • Puma is driving automation across its European creative production, delivering a 33% reduction in cost per asset.
  • Co-op introduced CanopyCloud to consolidate its brand identity across 26 business units, reducing its marketers’ workload by over 60%.
  • Jaguar Land Rover has personalised its web experience, increasing new leads by 168%.

A host of other brands are experiencing similar benefits that CanopyCloud brings to their global communication strategies – ensuring full brand, campaign and messaging adherence and creating beautiful content that’s relevant at an international, national, regional or local level at the click of a button.

Liberating marketers and putting them in control, it’s clear to see the significant role this ‘work from anywhere’ technology is already playing. And now is the time to activate it.

Ten years in the making, CanopyCloud is a modular system designed and built by Team ITG. Built on three pillars to ‘Simplify, Automate, Create’, CanopyCloud is designed by marketers, to liberate marketers.

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