Is your Marketing Automation Platform holding you back?

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14 August 2020 by Team ITG

Team ITG’s Managing Director of CRM and Data, John Watson, explains how the right platform can make your multichannel vision a reality.

In Marketing Automation, there is a universal truth: modern email marketing platforms are getting easier to use, but tend to be limited to single channel without integrations. Multichannel is generally much more complex, requiring significant investment in certified professionals and platform support, post-purchase. We see this trend throughout Gartner’s 2020 recent Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs.

But why does it need to do be like this? Why isn’t triggering an app push as simple as sending an email or an SMS? With a few clicks, why can’t you batch-up and deploy DM or a call centre contact from an inbound SMS without the helpful but expensive certified professional, your many £thousands-per-campaign agency or a team of rocket scientists

The reason is simple. Many multichannel marketing automation platforms still have bolted in additional capability on over time and you’re left holding the reins, trying to configure those integrations and workarounds, needing to enrol in night classes just to get started.

CanopyDeploy is different and revolutionary. Part of Team ITG’s CanopyCloud suite, it has been built as multichannel from the ground up to feel like technology you WANT to use. 

You know when you get a new smartphone and you instinctively know what to do next?  Like that. Drag and drop throughout. No HTML, Java, CSS knowledge needed – all that sits there in the background if you want it, but most of our customers don’t need to lift the lid.

And it’s powerful. Over 60 million dynamic messages per hour powerful. So powerful, that we always advise our clients to throttle the send rate to protect their call centres and websites. But like a fast car, it’s there if you need it. SMS, landing pages, email (including Google AMP), app push, native Facebook integrations – and it informs your campaigns more effectively through native DMP integration.

API or file-transfer in multiple external data sources through an oh-so easy-to-use data modeller, then profile that data with a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG data selectorIt precisely targets your customers without having to rely on coding or SQL queries.

If you’re a Virgin Media customer, you’ll know just how good it is – each of their campaigns can have hundreds of thousands of dynamic variants and CanopyDeploy is the engine room behind their highly-segmented, personalised multichannel marketing communications.

So, if you’re thinking about in-housing your CRM and Marketing Automation but have tech challenges; if multichannel is proving too laborious; or if you just want to enjoy using transformational marketing technology that’s intuitive and easy to use, CanopyDeploy is well worth a look.

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Article by John Watson – MD, CRM and Data, ITG

For more information and to see CanopyDeploy in action, click here.



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