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26 May 2021 by Team ITG

CanopyDeploy is the game-changing CRM platform that empowers even non-technical marketers to create beautiful, personalised communications in just a few clicks.

That’s millions of global customers at your fingertips, with no outdated manual processes slowing you down – just simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality allowing you to easily build omnichannel customer experiences.

With real-time reporting, you have full visibility over the progress of your campaigns, enabling you to see precisely what’s working and make any improvements as necessary. What’s more, you can integrate it with any external platform, consolidating your technology ecosystems for a comprehensive 360° view.

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While all the core functionality you need comes pre-loaded into CanopyDeploy, it’s completely scalable to your requirements thanks to an array of additional modules, from Email Countdown Timers to Facebook Lead Ads and Personalised PDFs.

One of the world-leading tools on Team ITG's revolutionary marketing ecosystem, CanopyCloud, CanopyDeploy has been a real game-changer for global brands like Renault and Virgin Media. The automation engine ensures their omnichannel communications always land in the place, at the right time, for each individual customer. From email, SMS, landing page, social media, WhatsApp and more, CanopyDeploy delivers connection without limits.

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