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03 June 2021 by Team ITG

As part of our far-reaching Wellbeing programme, we’ve created a totally unique working environment at ‘The Cowshed’ – our office situated in the picturesque Warwickshire countryside.

Bringing nature into everyday life is proven to benefit both our mental and physical health, and with the events of the past year, the need for a safe yet inspiring working environment has become even more apparent.

Set amongst acres of beautiful countryside, we wanted to bring a little of the outdoor scenery to the interior of The Cowshed, home to our ever-growing Sales division. This step is part of our ongoing programme of Wellbeing initiatives at Team ITG, ensuring that the mental health of our employees always comes first, and all of our people feel comfortable and relaxed about returning to an office environment.

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The result is an incredible new look for the office, with indoor tree installations bringing an ‘enchanted forest’ feel to the space that perfectly complements the natural beauty of its surroundings. Overhanging canopies and subtle changes to the lighting exude a sense of calm that has been instrumental in driving even greater collaboration between our Lead Generation, Business Development and Marketing teams.

Far from being shut away from the outside world, our teams are now at one with nature even at their desks, and this new working environment has been brilliantly received across the board.


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