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18 January 2021 by Team ITG

Introducing Team ITG's unique support programme for staff and customers.

Team ITG’s absolute mission and focus is to do all that we can to help our staff and our customers navigate another national lockdown. So, we’ve launched Stronger Together; a free of charge programme designed to support and inspire not only our partners, but our own people. Stronger Together has two main streams:

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We have extended open access to all of our Team ITG Wellbeing initiatives to our customers. Our teams have come to rely on and look forward to this support, so we’re delighted to be able to invite our customers to benefit in the same way. This includes:

Daily Fitness Classes: from boxercise and HIIT workouts to yoga and mindfulness lessons, all led by our in-house fitness gurus. Each interactive session is both livestreamed and recorded, so that everyone can take part at a time that best suits them.

Wellbeing Webinars: weekly sessions led by our specialist and fully accredited coaches and counsellors. These webinars are entirely anonymised and offer pragmatic and constructive advice on how to look after our mental wellbeing, delivered in a brilliantly engaging way.

Children’s Fun: to support parents and guardians through school closures, we’ve created a series of downloadable activity packs, games and puzzles to keep help keep the kids entertained. There’s educational puzzles, crafts, colouring-in and a whole host more!

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It’s what we’re best known for. So, we’ve created a whole programme of ways to support our clients strategically as they deal with new challenges and decisions. This includes:

Think Tanks: a series of drop-in workshops hosted by our very own strategic experts. These inspiring, interactive sessions help our customers debate and find solutions to any current challenges they’re facing, such as ‘How to move campaigns quickly online’, ‘How to maximise email efficiency’ and ‘How to maintain brand development when everything feels so tactical’.

Inspired Events: we’re thrilled to be able to invite pivotal guests to give us their views and insight on what matters most now and what comes next. All of our customers and staff are invited to join each of these events, and we have a whole calendar of inspiring, industry-leading speakers lined up.

Focus 500 Surveys: As part of our commitment to proactively support our customers, we have created Focus 500, our super-fast consumer research service. Our rapid response surveys are already helping brands such as Coop, Nando’s and Whitbread gain valuable insight in record speed, helping them to stay closer to their customers.

And that’s just the beginning! For more information about how we’re supporting our staff and customers in a uniquely challenging time, visit

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