Team ITG takes first place in Digital Marketing & E-commerce MT1000 2021 edition

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09 December 2021 by Team ITG

We’re delighted to announce that Team ITG has been named the best business service provider of 2021 by the MT1000 in the Digital Marketing & E-Commerce category. This decision was made during the largest annual survey from key decision-makers and leaders from over 2,000 organisations.

What is MT1000?

Renowned magazine MT/Sprout annually surveys thousands of decision-makers on the service providers they love to work with, and the MT1000 is published based on this research. Companies are judged on the core values ​​of customer focus, product leadership, execution excellence and on their Net Promoter Score (NPS). Respondents must have had contact with the companies they review over the past three years, so ranking is based on experience, not reputation. Team ITG came out on top for Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, reflecting our status as the most valued and celebrated digital marketing agency in the Netherlands.

Sjuul van der Leeuw, MD for Team ITG, said, “The hard work and dedication shown by all employees at Team ITG are second to none, and it delights me to know that this is recognised by industry leaders throughout the nation.

“Implementing and executing expert marketing automation campaigns is a specialist skill. We have over 20 years of experience, so it only makes sense that we want to impart that wisdom and guide our customers to accomplish the perfect campaigns.

“We’re constantly adapting and expanding our services. Recently we introduced our latest Data Consulting Team, who work directly with organisations to analyse company data and utilise it in a way that drives revenue for our customers. With a sharp eye on the future, we will continue to provide first-class service to our first-class customers.”

Team ITG’s Client Service Department

Besides developing their game-changing marketing automation platform, CanopyDeploy, Team ITG also works with clients in the execution of seamless campaigns, with dedicated departments that work solely with companies to realise their optimum digital marketing strategies. From data to execution, Team ITG take care of everything.

As well as the strong collaboration with our Client Services Department, Team ITG customers also benefit from an always-on support desk, regular one-to-one training sessions, an array of helpful information in our knowledge centre and access to a personal account manager. We provide every customer with expert advice and knowledge to take with them on their digital marketing journey.

With the latest review from MT1000, Team ITG are grateful for the response from their peers and aim to continue this trend moving forward. Do you want to be a part of Team ITG's vibrant and ambitious journey? See what career opportunities we have available here.

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