Transforming ‘The Campus’ for Currys

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10 November 2021 by Team ITG

Currys’ learning centre, newly renamed as ‘The Campus’, is where staff begin their journey with the brand, and as the first touchpoint it’s super-important that it embodies Currys’ values, providing an engaging experience for all who pass through its doors.

This was particularly crucial following Currys’ hugely significant rebrand, and the project tapped into Team ITG’s intimate knowledge of the business, as well as the innovation and flexibility of our industry-leading creative minds. Ours is a truly multichannel partnership with a wide-ranging remit, covering the production of the Currys’ TV adverts right the way through to the creation and installation of POS in stores across the UK.

For this project, our creative gurus devised a variety of different routes and applications, all scalable, flexible and with elements that could be mixed and matched as required by Currys. Once a final look and feel had been decided, our dynamic, 24/7 studio team worked up the artwork ready for production. A highly technical execution, it included everything from vinyls to 3D creations using wood and acrylics, as well as the adaptation and fitting of products such as vintage valve radios, a bicycle, move projectors, cameras, paintings and more.

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Part of the revamp was a reworking of the reception area, with 3D lettering, acrylic signage and mirrored surfaces reflecting the Hollywood-style back of house at several of Currys’ premier stores, a project previously undertaken by Team ITG. It’s all about providing consistency and an instant connection to the store environment for employees at the very start of their Currys journey.

As a result of our work, the area has been transformed into a connected space that harmonises perfectly with Currys’ new branding and core values. As Scott, McArthur, Head of Store Development & Implementation at Currys, said, “The reception from our Leadership team and colleagues has been far beyond expectations, so much so that they want more of the same moving forward!”

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