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18 June 2021 by Teama ITG

We brought the passion and energy of Euro 2020 to Currys stores across the country with an incredible themed event space and dynamic collateral.

This was a project that we supported and drove forward at every step of the process, from the development of the initial creative scamps through to production of the POS and installation in-store. The key aim from Currys’ perspective was to deliver a theatrical campaign with an engaging look and feel, sitting at the front of stores to really grab the attention of customers.

Team ITG collaborated with Currys on several rounds of scamps and 3D visual development to produce a winning design, which our teams then brought to life in full theatrical form. This final design contained a full 3D sofa with mock cushions, a football pitch vinyl and cut-outs to add depth and drama to the space, while incorporating cutting-edge digital screen technology to further enhance the customer experience.

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Crucially, we cultivated the whole design to ensure that it retained the exposure needed for Currys’ partner brands. The event space was installed in 61 stores, fully within budget, in just three days – and Team ITG also shot a range of stunning photos for Currys to use in future campaign sell-ins.

Feedback has been excellent, with Currys’ Retail Marketing Manager, Dave McPherson, commenting, “The Euro event is one of the most visibly impactful pieces of work we have done in the event space.  It really shows our passion around the Euro tournament and everyone who enters the store is met with a strong call to action to engage with our win your money back campaign.

“The flexibility of the design allowed stores to easily change this theatre out themselves and meant we could have the Euro campaign in place, but pair it with our Summer campaign seamlessly while keeping the high-level visibility of both campaigns at once.”

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