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Taking Yum!’s global events online

Jan 25, 2022

We showcased our online event management expertise transforming Yum!’s in-person event settings to amazing, unique virtual experiences, delivered to audiences across the globe in multiple time zones.

It’s all part of our wider remit for Yum!’s portfolio of world-renowned brands, which includes the likes of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, spanning creative and digital production, managing the transition to in-store POS and the introduction of our cutting-edge Storyteq marketing ecosystem.

The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the move to online events, but there are clear advantages to taking these kinds of events virtual, from increasing audience numbers to providing an opportunity for different kinds of engaging and insightful content.

Team ITG have been vital in enabling Yum! to pivot their event offering, handling everything from planning and content creation, to on-the-day online event management and data analysis for seven high-profile events.

This has included the development of branded virtual platforms for KFC and Pizza Hut International, with custom add-on features incorporating live chat, emojis, feedback and Q&A facilitation.

On top of this, we’ve organised multi-person pre-record sessions with speakers based across the globe, delivered copy for internal and external communications including invitations, agenda, login details and other information.

During the events we manage delegates and have even provided tailored sessions and virtual breakout areas to hold ice breakers or one-to-one calls for attendees, ensuring a bespoke experience every step of the way.

Our work doesn’t stop once the event is over, though – we gather statistics for Yum! in order to gain insights on levels of engagement, and put together highlight videos to maximise the reach of each session.

Virtual events provide a huge platform for innovation and engagement, and Team ITG’s online event management expertise means we can deliver a bespoke experience that captures the imagination of the audience.

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