Connect with every single customer

Users are empowered to self-serve global omnichannel campaigns, tailored to the behaviour and preferences of each individual customer. Easily build campaigns and create fully connected customer experiences across channels on this single-view CRM platform, which includes a simple drag-and-drop functionality, uses instantaneous segmentation and can integrate with any secure data source. Gain the invaluable insights you need to continuously improve the way you talk to your customers, as the real-time reporting dashboard monitors the effectiveness of each campaign.

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Get personal

Increasing customer engagement and conversion

Driving engagement

Team ITG introduced an entirely new way of thinking to TUI’s digital strategy, completely overhauling the way in which the brand approached customer engagement. We utilised available data to deliver highly personalised communications through CanopyDeploy, while moving away from generic, static email layouts to energise their audience.

As a result of these more dynamic, data-driven communications, TUI saw a significant increase in both engagement and revenue.

Heineken Homepage Casestudy Merge Comp

+ 103 %

year-on-year revenue increase

25 %

clickthrough rate

70 %

open rate driven by personalised comms

20 %

of customers make a booking


Omnichannel engagement

Driving brand loyalty and boosting sales

Right message. Right place. Right time.

Reaching over five million customers with personalised comms across all touchpoints is no mean feat, but CanopyDeploy allows Virgin Media to do just that.

Using intelligent data analysis, it identifies the preferences of each Virgin buyer, automating one-to-one messages with tailored ‘no brainer’ and ‘revenue stretch’ offers through the customer’s favoured channel, whether that’s app push, DM, email, SMS or web.

Case Study Virgin

300 m

personalised, automated comms sent year-on-year


campaigns delivered every month

+ 50 %

increase in open rates

2.5 x

increase in ROI

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Know your audience

Creating content that matters to customers

Targeted communications

Engagement Scoring is one of the many features CanopyDeploy delivers to keep customer data current. Mindwize has put it to good use for the Thrombosis Foundation, highlighting active newsletter engagement, creating a group of these active customers and targeting new content to this audience. This has delivered a sharp reduction in the number of email bounces, increased the open rate and the clickthrough rate.



+ 29 %

increase in click-to-open rate

+ 19 %

increase in clickthrough rate

+ 50 %

increase in open rate

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