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Life Without Limits – An amazing new space for the Royal Society for Blind Children

Mar 17, 2022

The Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) needed creative production help for an inspirational space where beneficiaries could meet, build real friendships and develop life skills – and our creative team’s stunning hand-drawn illustrations helped make the Life Without Limits Centre a reality.





A charity for visually impaired children and young adults, the RSBC do incredible work helping families access practical and emotional support, from the moment of diagnosis. We’re proud to support the RSBC through our ITG Enterprise programme, providing them with access to our marketing services completely free of charge.

The RSBC were donated an underground car park to be transformed into their new headquarters – the Life Without Limits Centre. Visually impaired young people can experience loneliness and social isolation as a result, and the Centre’s increased size and central London location make it easier to counter these effects through group activities bringing beneficiaries together.

We were delighted to be involved in such an important project for the RSBC, and were tasked with producing illustrations for this new space to help cultivate a vibrant, engaging atmosphere.

With the charity catering for newborns through to young people up to 25 years of age, one of our central challenges was to make the design relatable and inspiring for such a broad age demographic. Our team would also have to carefully consider their choice of colour and patterns, ensuring that those used in the final wall graphics were appropriate for visually impaired individuals, whilst still adhering to the RSBC’s branding.

We worked closely with the charity’s leadership team and youth forum to fully understand the requirements, while also collaborating with architects to bring greenery into the work, and incorporate our walls seamlessly into the building’s wider colour scheme.

By crafting a beautiful selection of distinctive, hand-drawn illustrations for each separate area, our creative team have helped to make the space visually stimulating and inspiring for both beneficiaries and visitors, all while maintaining a sense of cohesion as you journey through the Centre.

The bright, uplifting nature of the imagery, alongside several inspirational quotes, perfectly captures the sense of hope and positivity at the heart of everything the RSBC does.

We’ve had an amazing response to our work from the charity, with Sue Sharp, CEO of the RSBC, commenting, “We are thrilled with the graphics that Team ITG has produced. The results are true to our ‘Life Without Limits’ tag and have really brought the Centre to life.”

Click the following links to donate to the RSBC or to discover more about the charity and the outstanding work they do.

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