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Mar 23, 2022

Shoot. Save. Create. That’s how simple content creation should be, so that’s how simple we’ve made it with Storyteq.

Getting incredible content to market has never been quicker than with creative production with our Storyteq platform – just shoot the content you need and immediately upload it to our DAM, where you can create thousands of localised assets in just a few clicks, in any size, any format, for every single channel.

It’s about harnessing the full power of creative automation, delivering beautiful content from dynamic templates – whether that’s still images, videos or even animations.

Traditionally, getting bespoke, localised assets involved going back and forth with a studio team – a tedious, time-consuming and, above all, incredibly costly process.

Storyteq ends the reliance on networks of creative studios and frees your marketers from that inefficient ‘brief, amend, repeat’ process, empowering them to effortlessly produce creative production content that’s customised for global and local markets, all within a matter of seconds.

That’s how you create powerful, meaningful conversations with your customers.

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