Efficiency meets sustainability

As a technology-led marketing company, we’ve always got an eye on the latest innovations, integrating them into our offering to save you time and money. Sustainability is central to our way of thinking, and we’re working hard with all of our partners to reduce our carbon footprints together through the use of green energies, environmentally friendly stock and digital transformation.

A helping hand

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Digital POS

From KFC menu boards to Costa Coffee machines, we fully manage digital POS across the UK and Europe. Our creatives and schedulers handle everything from hardware and software installation through to content creation, scheduling and support, and we currently manage over 25,000 screens for more than 30 brands.

Print KFC

Print management

Cost, quote and approve all of your global print in CanopyPrint. Increase efficiency tenfold by putting every brief out to our extensive roster of trusted print suppliers. As we’re supplier-agnostic and under no pressure to fill presses, you can be sure we’ll go to the best printer for every job.

Digital transformation

Acting as consultants we provide the expertise and support required to implement the transition to an agile way of working, whether that’s through careful political manoeuvring, stakeholder liaison or demand management.

Infrastructure management

We provide industry-leading hosting and infrastructure services to all of our clients. Our platforms are robust and secure, with the utmost care given to customer data to ensure its integrity and protection. We also have the capability to auto-scale to support high-profile global product launches.

"Since we started working with teamitg, we have seen a significant increase in both our reach and sales."

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