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Team ITG set for global growth

Jun 20, 2022

On our mission to transform the way brands do marketing, Bridgepoint’s investment in Team ITG earlier this year has paved the way for several key developments, with the opening of our 30,000 sq ft ITG Capture centre, a significant repositioning of our senior team and the acquisition of long-term New Zealand-based partner, Brand Machine.

Investment from Bridgepoint (a European financial investment fund) in March 2022 has been instrumental in accelerating our global growth as we bring our cutting-edge technology and world-class creative services to a wider audience.

Just three months on, we’re already seeing outstanding progress across the business, not least with the opening of our state-of-the-art photography, video and TV centre – ITG Capture – which is already unlocking opportunities for a host of renowned clients such as M&S, Avon and Co-op. Speak to one of our team or click here to book a tour and see the scale of the facility for yourself.

Alongside this, we’re also delivering a repositioning of our senior management structure, designed to sharpen our focus on the two principal arms of Team ITG (our game-changing marketing technology and award-winning services) by splitting the two into separate businesses, with Simon Ward remaining as Group CEO.

Lennard Kooy will take on the mantle of CEO of our technology business, helping brands to harness the power of creative automation, seamless marketing workflows and unbeatable customer experiences. Already used by a variety of global names, including the likes of Heineken, Virgin Media and Renault, we’ll now look to take our marketing technology to new markets and help more brands simplify their processes, automate tedious manual tasks and create world-class content at pace.

With Lennard looking after tech, we’re thrilled to announce Sue Mountford is moving from Chief Customer Officer to CEO on the services side of the company. Sue is an incredible ambassador for everything we do and will be leading the charge as we bolster the wide array of services we deliver to existing customers, while also introducing new brands to our industry-leading teams. Keep an eye out for further news on this hugely important development and what it means for Team ITG over the coming months.

To cap it all off, we’ve just completed the acquisition of Brand Machine, a New Zealand-based tech reseller that we’ve been partnered with for several years. This cements our position within the APAC region and gives us the scope to push on with growth of primarily our technology, but also our services, in those countries.

It’s an exciting time to be part of Team ITG, so look out for more updates to come as we continue on the next stage of our journey, bringing innovation, speed, agility and efficiency to every brand that we partner with.

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