Create multichannel campaigns in a click

The world of creative production has changed. There has never been a greater demand for multichannel assets to be available for immediate omnichannel deployment. Our world-leading automated creative production engine, CanopyCreate, enables you to build and create multichannel campaigns in any language, size or format at the click of a button. Welcome to the future of automated creative production.

Automated CP The Future

The future of creative adaptations. Hello tomorrow.

We all know manual creative adaptations are costly and time consuming. Automation is the future and our game-changing technology, CanopyCreate, delivers it now. It allows you to customise templates in any language, size or format, simply by clicking a button. You can then deploy these across any channel and to any market. Welcome to the future of creative production.

teamitg always manages processes very effectively and prioritises what it needs to do in order to make the world available fast.”


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