Complex omnichannel CRM campaigns made simple

In our always-on world, marketing is being driven by complex data and an ever-increasing need to execute millions of unique customer interactions on a daily basis. Our powerful technology, CanopyDeploy and award-winning CRM team will help you cut through this multichannel mayhem and deliver hyper-personalised interactions that matter to every single customer.


How we simplify the complicated

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Revolutionise your CRM operation through CanopyDeploy, our cutting-edge automation engine. It empowers non-technical marketers to manage and execute omnichannel campaigns based on a single customer view. Construct and deploy personalised communications for any channel while monitoring their effectiveness in real-time using a configurable real-time reporting dashboard. Our team implement in weeks rather than months, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of CanopyDeploy right away.

Customer data management

We make sense of your customer data, removing it from disjointed silos and unifying it to a specific customer or audience that you can interact with one-to-one through CanopyDeploy.

Data management platforms

We can help you select and implement data management platforms that enable you to collect data from approved sources, analyse and use it to identify prospects and drive targeted digital campaigns.

teamitg technology underpins our multichannel CRM operations across our global markets.”


Certified Partners

Martech partner expertise

We’re proud to work with our Marketing Cloud partners, including Salesforce, IBM Watson, Adobe Campaign, Veeva and Oracle. Our team of accredited practitioners are experts on all the major enterprise platforms and can help you select, install and optimise them to deliver hyper-efficient, data-driven marketing.

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