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Kerry & Henny

We're delighted to announce a new addition to our ever-growing wellbeing programme: a new series of Wellbeing Webinars and Podcasts. We’re welcoming Kerry Dudley and Henny Flynn, professional and experienced coaches from Parity Executive Coaching, who will be lending their expertise in this interactive series.

Kerry and Henny discuss all things Wellbeing in our brand-new podcast. Each episode will see them take on a new topic, ranging from making and breaking habits, to getting good rest, active listening and much more. They'll nail down the key points of each subject and give handy tips to take away with you.

Click the following links to listen to all the episodes on Spotify or Deezer.

Webinar 5: Self-compassion

It's our final Wellbeing Webinar of the series, and this time Kerry and Henny are talking to us about self-compassion, and how it links to our self-regard, and our regard for others. They also take a closer look at the role of our inner critic and show how you can become friends with yours, while revealing a handy mindful practice to help access our self-compassion. Watch below.

Webinar 4: Resilience & Hope

In our fourth Wellbeing Webinar, Kerry and Henny take a look at the twin subjects of resilience and hope. The guys take a deeper dive into the links between them, and how to nurture resilience to respond to what life throws our way. They also examine the neuroscience behind resilience, and give us a few practical tips we can take to help it grow. Watch below.

Webinar 3: How to stay motivated during Covid-19

Our third Wellbeing Webinar covers the highly relevant topic of how we stay motivated during Covid-19. Kerry and Henny look at personal motivation and how this can change over time, as well as offering useful guidance to help us stay energised and well. Watch below.

Family Wellbeing Session

To help support adults and adolescents throughout this extended lockdown, we hosted a wellbeing session for the whole family. It was hosted by Nathan Burt, a completely independent, fully accredited counsellor who has worked with Team ITG for many years. Nathan offered helpful tools through his super easy-to-follow emotional ‘ABC’ workshop, and you can now watch the session back below.

You can also access Nathan's deck, including the Q&A slide, in the pdf below.

Webinar 2: Why it's okay to be unhappy

In our second Wellbeing Webinar, Kerry and Henny explored ‘Why it’s okay to be unhappy’, and how recognising our true emotions can help us move forward – watch the full session below.

You can also access the Wheel of Life template for the self-reflective exercises explained in the session.

Webinar 1: Triggers

The first live webinar on ‘Triggers’ helped us learn more about why some things generate an immediate emotional response in us which interferes with our ability to listen and think clearly, with some practical tips for managing these moments when they happen. Watch below.

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