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Why Creative Automation is now a marketing ‘must-have’

Feb 22, 2022

Creative automation has gone from ‘nice to have’, to a marketing essential. Here’s our bitesize guide to what it is, why it is more relevant than ever, and the powerful benefits it can bring to brands across the globe.

When struggling to keep up with the enormous volume of content required in modern marketing, traditionally brands were forced to choose between two options; increasing headcount to meet demand while accepting the associated financial and operational costs, or reducing production to a manageable level at the risk of losing their voice in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Now, there is a third way. Creative automation replaces costly, time-consuming manual production processes by automatically creating content variations to meet high-volume demand.

All it takes is a single platform, such as Storyteq, to empower brands to self-serve personalised, localised multichannel content through the use of rules-based dynamic templates.

Whether it’s still images, banner ads, videos or animations, content can be quickly and easily tailored to any size, format, language or channel, ready to share with customers – a huge time and cost saving compared to manually creating each required asset.

Creative automation can help brands to safeguard creative excellence by centralising their global production, ensuring full compliance and ultimately enabling a faster go-to-market strategy. We work with brands around the world to move them away from a largely manual creative production model, and instead embrace Storyteq as an automated solution that saves both time and money.

Take our partners at pharmaceutical giant GSK, for example. With Storyteq, they’ve already cut the process from 30+ days down to 16 by moving from manual to semi-automated production, with the ambition of reducing that to just 16 seconds through the implementation of a fully automated, self-serve model moving forward.

Still not sure it’s right for you? So, let’s bust some of those creative automation myths…

Myth #1 – “Creative Automation = Automating creativity”
Wrong! It is important to remember that creative automation is not about replacing human brilliance. In fact, it’s about replacing the tedious manual production process with something quicker, cheaper and far easier to manage.

Myth #2 – “It’s not for my industry”
Wrong! In any sector where marketing is required, you need to keep up with the speed at which the industry moves. From automotive to hospitality, our clients are using Storyteq’s creative automation capabilities to get campaigns to market quicker than ever before.

Myth #3 – “It’s difficult to implement”
Wrong! Actually, with Storyteq you can introduce creative automation to your business in a matter of days, not months (and months…). It is super-intuitive and easy to use, so once you’ve got it you can get started straight away!

Myth #4 – “It’s only for global businesses”
Wrong! The beauty of creative automation is that it’s a totally scalable solution, so it serves your needs whether you’re a small business or global brand. The true value of creative automation is in doing things at pace and without asking designers for new artwork every time – and that’s relevant to everyone.

Myth #5 – “It’s too expensive”
Wrong! In fact, creative automation is all about saving you money, by reducing the headcount required to create, amend and localise your content, and dramatically increasing efficiencies throughout the entire creative production process.

Ultimately, creative automation unshackles you from overly long, complex and expensive processes, allowing you to spend your marketing budget on actual marketing, rather than creative production.

Is it time you harnessed the power of creative automation to take your content production to the next level?

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